F R I E N D S,

We warmly welcome you to our world


sustainable fashion and handmade timeless designs from Finland.

PENE supports slow fashion & sustainability. Our mission is to make fashion cleaner.
We want things to last a long time; through love, friendships and life. That’s how we design our clothes, with longevity in mind, we want them to bring joy to our lives.

WE ARE CREATING timeless designs. We use mulesing free merino wool and recycled materials in our clothes.

We believe in sustainability over fast fashion.

We are so happy to have you here!

Have fun,
and remember to always take care of your clothes and yourself.
they deserve it.
and so do you.

P E N E collection


While the old fashion industry is taking its last breaths and the new sustainable way is taking over , I felt the urge to make a change from my behalf.

Through P E N E we are able to share knowledge and to find new sustainable solutions.

Things that fascinates me:

minimalistic & timeless design
handmade classics & interesting lines
sustainable way of life & natural fibers

I want to make it easier for everyone to do better decisions. For the world. For us.

Towards more sustainable lifestyle

” We love our fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet.” – Fashionrevolution.org

SHIRT & DREss from our black edition
Pink earrings made by lovely mamakoru
green earrings made by lovely uhana design